Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Early spring dam to dam walk

The weather has been so unusually beautiful the last few days, that we decided to do a big walk from the Barton dam, past the Argo dam, into Kerrytown (for a break, and a latte), and then back to the Barton dam.  (Round trip:  5.4 miles, 1:52 without the break)  Check out the free iMapMyWalk app to save your stats.

Even though the landscape is still mainly brown, there are signs of spring everywhere!

Michigan 8 man crew
A couple of years ago, I took the Learn to Row class, offered by the Ann Arbor Rowing Club.  What a great experience!!  Everyone in my group was new to rowing too, and there was a good age range of people in the group.  It is great exercise, and a lot of fun.

If you're looking for a new adventure this summer, I recommend it.

There is one log where turtles love to hang out-- last year there were a couple; this year there are a bumper crop!

If the sun is out, you may be able to see them (from the boardwalk on the northeast side of Argo pond).

Barton dam

Barton Dam was built in 1912-1913 to generate hydroelectric power.  The City of Ann Arbor bought the dam from Detroit Edison in the 1960s, and restarted hydroelectric generation in the 1980s.  Check out ArborWiki for more information.

And enjoy this weather-- quick!  before it's gone.

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