Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Ark and The Last Word

The Osborn and Ten Feet Tall

So just when I can't think that the weather or my mood could get any worse, we discover that we have Ark tickets for Saturday night.

Side note:  One cool thing about going to the Folk Music Festival in January, is being exposed to several new groups in one evening-- and discovering a new favorite!  Our pick from this year's festival was the Steel Wheels, and (short story--LONG), we came home and checked out when they would play The Ark-- and bought tickets before they sold out.

I was a little so-so about going out in the cold and dark, but decided I would feel worse if I continued to hibernate at home.  And SURPRISE!  Once we got downtown, we discovered that Ann Arbor was booming!  At 7 PM, our favorite parking lot was starting to fill up, the restaurants were jammed, and there was lots of foot traffic on the streets.

The concert was one of the best we had seen:  a sold-out audience giving standing ovations, and a band that was really bringing it home!  The love-fest between stage and audience was something to behold-- and everyone left in high spirits.

It was even colder and darker when we emerged from our happy music cocoon, but we were in high spirits, and decided to stop in our favorite little hideaway:  The Last Word.  We ducked into the (almost) unmarked door (on Huron, under LIVE!), and our luck continued:  there were 2 seats available, and they were at the bar.  It's the best place for a front row seat of the action!

I was also pleased to see that I have an anonymous claim to fame on the drink menu.

A few weeks ago, the fantastic bartenders let me beta test their newest drink, and after enjoying the little bit tart, little bit sweet of it, I named it:

The Breakup

Plum Market

If you haven't gone to Plum Market yet, you're missing out.

Yes....some items are expensive, but it's just what you need to break up these long late winter days.

Buy a bunch of tulips (same price as most grocery stores) and maybe a bottle of wine, (very competitive prices-- and a fabulous selection!) and just wander the store enjoying the beauty of the displays.

Primroses:  a sign of spring!