Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Dam to dam walk: September

Barton pond on a sunny day

It's finally not so hot and humid, so the other day we decided to do the dam to dam walk.  We started at the Barton dam-- and walked toward Ann Arbor, and the Argo dam, and then back again.

Even if you don't have time to do the walk, this is a fun place to visit and bring the kids.  (If you look in the water below the dam, you can see some HUGE carp!)

Very still Huron River

It's easy to park in the Barton Nature area parking lot (off of Huron River Drive, a couple of miles east of Maple)-- where you have easy access to Barton dam, and the path.

Lily pads (watch for dragon flies, frogs and turtles!)

Nice view over Barton pond
Path for this walk
This walk comes in under 5 miles (4.69 miles in 1:35 hours) if you don't take the extra steps to get into Kerrytown, (if you don't need that latte from Sweetwaters or the tour of Treasure Mart).

Black-eyed-susan time!

Crossing the tracks
Fun in kayaks!


  1. Mom (74 and retired in Ann Arbor) and I (wishful, but not retired ... yet) did this walk today and thoroughly enjoyed it! We saw the carp, which I certainly would have missed without reading your post first. I was also appreciative of the 'crossing the tracks' pic and map as I'm not sure I would have figured out what to do on HRD (just after coming off the Barton Nature Walk bridge) without studying your info first.
    While I'm here, I'll thank you for the introduction to the Clements Library too. What a marvelous place, and I never would have known without your great blog! Thanks so much!

  2. ....not retired yet, but wanted to send some gratitude. I have learned so much about Ann Arbor and its merchants. Great information for all! Thank you for reminding us about our awesome community.

    J. Stamper -