Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage, artisan, eco-funky

Found is one of my favorite shops all year round, but I think I like it best each year, after it goes through its conversion to a Christmas wonderland.

It is full of cute little ornaments-- and Mary is offering her Merry MultIples discount again!

Great Michigan pillows

Vintage style Santa box $8
Snowflakes $9
So what might you find in addition to cool decorations?
Typewriter key bracelets, bottlecap earrings, "fork art" angels and colorful mirrors created from painted twigs. Old cameras, snapshots and baskets woven from recycled movie film. Antique buttons, keys, doorknobs and picture frames. Dishes from Gramma's attic, linens, furniture. Square candles, great fake flowers, handmade cards. Dick & Jane-era kids' stuff and a cabinet full of tiny treasures. Assemblage by Michigan artisans, books, print blocks. Unique accents for home, office or cottage.

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