Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treasure hunting in Ann Arbor

One of the coolest parts of living in Ann Arbor is how easy it is to "shop local".  There are certainly chain stores in the mall, (where I also shop-- I believe in equal opportunity shopping!), but there are also many one of a kind shops, where you can find unique items.

The best place to go treasure hunting is Treasure Mart.  This store has been an Ann Arbor destination since 1960-- and has 8500 SQ FT of quirky and unique consignment gems.

What kind of items can you find?

  • Things you may have inherited from your grandma-- (or things you wish you had inherited)
  • Mid-century design furniture and design items
  • Antique cameras, jewelry, china, crystal and Christmas decorations
  • Old coats, furs and hats
  • Mirrors, rugs, frames and art
  • Couches, chairs, china cabinets, diningroom sets, bedroom sets, coffee tables, dressing tables
It all depends on what is there on the day you visit, as every day, the selection changes.
New Year's Eve buffet?

In the front window-- I love the coat and the lamp!

Pair of beautiful leather wing chairs
Holiday dinner
Caution!  If you see something, be prepared to buy it right then!  I had a bad experience this summer, where I found the *perfect* cabinet for a space in my kitchen, and didn't buy it!  I returned a couple of hours later with the other half of the purchase committee, and it was sold.
On the other hand, I got these fabulous mirrors last winter for a grand total of $210!
Happy shopping!

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