Sunday, August 5, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Terry B's

One of our favorite venues to savor summer (or a warm spring or summer evening), is the deck at Terry B's in Dexter.

Look for the cheerful awning-- on the former
farmhouse in downtown Dexter
Thanks to their website for this nice photo of the empty bar-- when I was there, it was hopping with people enjoying the Frequent Winer club
I was there the other night with one of my favorite dining partners, who actually introduced me to my favorite hobby: fine dining.  We have had many great meals together, both here and abroad, and this time I decided to go with my hot weather favorite:  salad.  Once I discovered the charred brussels sprout salad, (with pea tendrils, apple, pistachio, radish, Irish cheese and warm bacon vinaigrette-- and a side of duck confit), I couldn't even read the rest of the delicious menu.
I know, it's hardly low calorie, but it was the most delicious salad I have had all summer!  That and a nice glass of wine, and I was in heaven.

Yup, I hated it.

Too hot to sit outside?  There is a lovely dining room too.  And bottles of wine are 50% off on Wednesdays--as long as the full price is under $75.  Works for me!

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