Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Fairy Door Walk

Great poppies sighted during our walk
It was such beautiful weather on Sunday morning, that we decided to do the official Fairy Door walk in Ann Arbor, that was hosted by the Washtenaw Wanderers Walking Club.  There are 2 versions-- the 5K and 10K versions, and since it was cool and sunny, we decided to go for the 10K.

Michigan Theater double fairy doors
 on bottom left-- very cute!

Three hours and 7 1/2 miles later, we crossed the finish line-- (actually, checking back into the Teahaus, where we started).

This may have been the world's slowest 10K, but we did see most of the doors and the fairy village, as well as adding to our collection of odd Ann Arbor trivia.

My prize for best executed fairy door!
Guess where it is!

I've probably driven by this "village" 1000 times,
and never have noticed it before-- 
check it out at the corner of 4th and William.

One of our favorite parts of this walk was watching the many little fairies, in fancy dress, skipping from door to door with their families in the stroller brigade-- A very cute pre-schooler was leaving pennies at the fairy doors, and told me (very seriously) that the fairies like presents a lot-- especially pennies! 

All in all, a fun Saturday morning in Ann Arbor!

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