Thursday, April 3, 2014

Argo Pond walk: Looking for signs of spring

Wooly Bear caterpillar on the sidewalk just past the dam
The sun was out on the last day of March, so we decided to go for a short walk around the Argo Pond.
Skunk cabbage pushing their way up to the sun at the bottom of the steps off Barton

We started at the inner parking lot of Bandemeer Park (drive across the single lane wooden bridge and follow the drive to the parking lot at the beginning of the disk golf course.  Then walk back under M-14, across the river, and under M-14 again.  This is the worst part of the walk to me, and I like to get it over with first.

Then it's time for a choice:  either stay on the sidewalk/road and walk Barton to Longshore Drive up above the river, or if you have good boots and don't mind some mud, take the steps down and walk the path that follows the river.  I like the path best, but if it's raining or icy, the road is the safest.

When you reach the canoe livery, the dam is just ahead.  If you want to add additional steps, turn left and follow the cascades to Broadway (and have a snack at Northside Grill).  Or after you cross the dam, cross the railroad tracks and head left toward town.  You are a short distance from Kerrytown, with many cute shops and lunch destinations.  

To continue walking around the pond, cross the dam, and turn right on the sidewalk, past the Ann Arbor rowing club barn and dock.  Follow the sidewalk back to the parking lot where you will find your car.

This is a very pleasant 2.5 mile walk, that takes about an hour to do if you don't take any detours.
Argo dam releasing water downriver
I love the 8 man crew boats ready for practice, parked next to a leftover snowbank.