Thursday, February 16, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor Happy hour! at The Raven's Club

It has been awhile since we have gone out for happy hour (as opposed to the daily happy hour that happens in our kitchen), so we decided to try a new venue:  The Raven's Club.

We arrived shortly after 5, and settled into a comfortable table in the back.  My first impression was of how beautiful the restaurant is!  The lighting is very nice, and each table had a small candle on it-- so even before dark, it is a very romantic venue.  Classy music from the swing era and a Sam Spade-era film on the TV, complete the mood.

They had a great selection of happy hour specials, all priced at $4.  We had the following, for a total of $20:

Pint of Darkhorse $4
Pint of New Holland $4
2 delicious beef sliders $4
1 petit portion of pork ribs (with deliciously spicy BBQ sauce) $4
Pommes Frites $4
What a fabulous deal!

We were so impressed with our experience, and the full menu looked so good, that we made reservations for dinner this weekend, in one of the round booths in back.  Wow-- Valentine's Day is over, and I think I have a new infatuation!

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