Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 3! It's all about the ho ho ho!

Kerrytown has been getting all dressed up for Christmas this weekend, and Santa will help celebrate the official start of the Christmas season with the annual lighting of the Christmas tree in Kerrytown courtyard.  Be sure to join the fun at 5PM on Sunday afternoon.

What to do until then?  There are a huge selection of fun shops in Kerrytown-- as well as the Artisan market, open from 11-4.

Check out the huge 3D snowflakes in Hollander's window-- Kit contains 3 for $11 
Today, our featured shop is Hollander's.  I started looking at the great selection of Christmas cards and decorations-- and ended thinking of the gifts I could buy!  Here are some of my favorites:

Christmas cards not found in chain stores

Tools for artists

Luminaries-- 4 for $11

Hundreds of kinds of paper

Cool travel themed gifts

Journals that just may inspire you to write

And don't forget to check out their class schedule-- it could be the perfect gift for that person you love who values experiences over possessions.


  1. Me too! It's hard to pry myself out of the store in under an hour. And the Collage class is fantastic.