Thursday, November 5, 2015

Blank Slate Creamery

 Now that the time has changed and the firewood is stacked for winter, it might seem like a weird time to blog about an ice cream shop-- but it's less crowded when you visit businesses off season, and their shop is a cute place to sit.

This is homemade, natural ice cream-- so it beats the socks off of any soft serve type.  I'm usually a dark chocolate/nuts or peanut butter fan (like their PB chocolate or Wolverine Tracks), but on occasion, the interesting flavors at Blank Slate have actually lured me away from chocolate.

Check out today's flavors here

I'm a fan of Blueberry Pancake (fresh blueberries swirled in buttermilk-maple ice cream)-- and I'm thinking of buying a quart of Vietnamese Cinnamon to go with Thanksgiving pumpkin and apple pies.  Or maybe Salty Caramel Coffee.....or Roasted Pistachio?......or one of the 2 vanilla flavors?

Maybe I need a pint of each.

Old style counters to sit and enjoy the ice cream, with chalkboard tops.

You can find them at 300 W. Liberty Street, 2 blocks west of Main.
Check out their hours here.

(I couldn't resist a little advertising on their counter)

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