Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor Happy hour! at Vinology

Last week we decided to go upscale for our weekly happy hour, so we headed to Vinology.

This is a perfect destination to enjoy your favorite glass of wine, or to try something new-- from their list of 50 wines by the glass, or 100+ wines by the bottle.

If you're not sure what you want, it's also possible to have a wine flight created for you-- or you can try some of the flights that they create.  The next time I am in the mood to splurge, I plan on trying "When dirt tastes good"-- although at $21, it's not in our happy hour budget.
Happy hour ends at 6:00, so we hustled in at 5:50, and announced our plan to take advantage of the special pricing.  We had a very friendly and accommodating waiter, and our choice of nice tables in the bar.  Both the bar and the dining room spaces are very nice-- and the bubble room would be a fantastic space for a party!

Wine by the glass is 1/2 price, and they have an interesting selection.  If you're not a wine drinker, some of the draft beers are $3, but the focus here is on the wine, and they're doing a great job, as illustrated by winning the 2011 Open Table Most Notable Wine List award.

The happy hour food offerings were  sliders and the featured pizza-- both priced at 1/2 off.  As usual, we ordered both, with the intent of splitting them.
A+ sliders, with great condiments
The pizza was also delicious, and was large enough to have been dinner-

Total bill:  under $30 without the tip
Wine  $6.50 and $6
Sliders $7
Pizza $8

Next time we'll probably just do the pizza and wine-- although the salads look fantastic too, and would be a good addition.

This was a great happy hour--  we'll be back!

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