Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter walk in Nichols Arboretum

Yes, there is beauty to be found in a winter landscape
 Sometimes it's not appealing to walk in the winter, but after reading another warning that "sitting is the new smoking", we decided to layer up, and go to one of our favorite venues:  The Arb.

We went on a Sunday morning, so all of the parking on Washington Heights (the road between the Arb and the hospital), is no charge, and was open.  We had the place to ourselves.

What we're waiting for!
Promise of spring!

Walk in past the visitor's center and the peony garden, and turn right and go downhill past the Fairy Woods.  Follow the border all the way around the Arb, keeping to the paths.  We took some of the steeper paths on the way to the prairie-- that can be avoided if you choose.  You can add a little distance by walking all the way around the prairie.

Check the map at the entrance, for a better description of the areas in the Arb.

It seems a little longer than this, because of the hills
Too chilly to sit for long
Total altitude gain = 17 flights of stairs
This info is from a free smartphone app, called Map My Walk

I slow down going downhill  (old knees)
A little bit of sunshine

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