Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Retired in Ann Arbor: Traversing the Alps or the quad at Bivouac

Bivouac has the best motto:  OUTFIT YOUR LIFE.

Here you will find the best selection anywhere, of--
boots, jackets, fleeces, t-shirts, sweaters, gloves, tents, mittens, socks, shoes, packs, dresses, down, sleeping bags, pants, hoodies, jeans, base layers, beauty supplies, belts, mittens, hats, neckwear, sunglasses, equipment, insulated, soft- and hard-shell, vests, sandals, snowshoes, slippers, gaitors, wallets, adapters and converters, buckles and clips, first aid, climbing gear, laptop bags, hammocks, kid carriers, flashlights, cooking equipment... you get the idea.

Do you think you can do better by shopping online?  Check out their guarantee below:

Price Match Guarantee guarantees the lowest prices! Item for item we will match all competitors prices including mail order and internet offers! Just email with the subject PRICE MATCH. Include the item number you want to purchase as well as the size and color. Also include where you found the item for cheaper (store name or internet URL). When approved we will email you back a coupon code which will adjust the price of the item you want to purchase.

* This is applicable to Bivouac products whose size and color are corresponding and the same as the product you wish us to match.

It works!  We've tried it.

Bivouac is having a big sale from now until midnight on Friday--  check out their great website here.

The store is packed with items that would make great gifts (for those on your list, or for you, if you must...).

I'll be there for Midnight Madness on Friday-- see you there!

I love this t-shirt!

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