Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walking and beer

One of the best parts of being retired, is that you can go for a walk when the weather cooperates.  This afternoon was one of those days-- the temperature was in the mid 60's and the sun was trying to break through.  We sent on the walk with one of our favorite views:  the Huron River.  We started in the Bandemere Park parking lot off of Barton, and walked toward the dam, and downtown.

The Michigan crew teams were out rowing
and some fall colors are still out

All in all, a great walk!  The only way to improve on it, was to reward ourselves at the halfway mark--

With a great brew from Blue Tractor-- it added some steps, but was well work it.  
We hoofed it back to the car-- (while I was thinking, well....what was I thinking!!!  This is a LONG walk!) to beat the impending rain-- with one eye on the Weather Bug app.
Made it!
More tomorrow about our stop at Treasure Mart!

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