Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 2 of 30: Small Business Saturday: pragmatic and artistic

Drive in to have your large purchases loaded
 Today we feature 2 local businesses that are participating in Small Business Saturday:  Downtown Home and Garden and Ann Arbor Arts Center.

Bird feeders and wind chimes
Downtown Home and Garden is one of our favorite shops in Ann Arbor, and we seem to find never ending excuses to go there.  If you have a gardener in your family, this is the go-to place for outdoor supplies.  Downtown Home and Garden is such a rich shopping destination, that today I will only cover some items that they have in their outdoor section of their store.  (I'll cover the indoors in a later blog).

And when you're there, be sure and say 'hi' to our local celebrity, Louis the cat.

Stormy Kromer clothing
Made in Michigan!
Stop by when you are in Ironwood for the daily tour.

Gifts for the gardener-- with small and large
hand grips and replaceable parts
Gifts for the garden
Pickle ornaments  $4
In my family's German tradition, the first child to
find the pickle on the tree gets an extra present--
which has lead to stampedes from big kids and small.

Selections for a cozy fireplace.

Moose:  $7.50

Ann Arbor Art Center
Ann Arbor Art Center has a beautiful art studio next door to the gift shop.  Lessons can be purchased, as well as art from the shop.
Socks knitted on an antique loom $20
Lessons and studio time available

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