Monday, September 23, 2013

Glass Box

The other afternoon I decided to head down and check out the new Arbor Hills shopping center on Washtenaw.  I did a tour through the shops that were now open, especially enjoying Sur La Table.

At the end of my stroll, I spotted a new coffee/juice bar called the Glass Box.  Check out this interview with the owner to get an idea of why this coffee bar is so different and excellent!

The space is clean, airy and modern, and my cappuccino was perfect.  To make the experience even better, I was also served a bottle of ice cold water, without asking!

I am not really a juice person, but after reading the juice menu and seeing the fresh fruit next to the juicer, I decided the next time I wouldn't resist.

Another nice touch is the power strip under the bar seating for plugging in all the MacBooks that will also be enjoying the space!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dam to dam walk-- September

It seems that spring and fall are my favorite times to do the dam to dam walk-- the first day without heat and humidity, I'm usually out there--
For a map on where walk goes, check out my last year's post.  Feel free to post directions under comments!

This walk is also fun to do early or late in the day--


Cascades by the Argo dam

Signs of rail improvements:  a long rail, ready to be installed.