Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ann Arbor City Club

The Ann Arbor City Club sponsors some of Ann Arbor's best activities in the spring.  This Club has a long and distinguished history in Ann Arbor, since its creation in 1951 as the Ann Arbor Women's City Club.

Prior to becoming the Club, this location was home to several prominent Ann Arbor citizens.  The original home was built in 1881, and was surrounded by blueberries and fruit trees.  Then Mr. Spooner bought and sub-divided the land, building some of the other beautiful houses in the neighborhood.  Read more of the history of the club here.

Here are some activities that you might want on your calendar:
April 2-- Lunch and learn with U of M Professor Perry Samson, on "What We Don't Know About Tornados"
April 8-- Lunch and learn with U of M lecturer Bruce Conforth, on "American Blues:  History, Style and Context"
May 7-- Lunch and learn with Research Affiliate, U of M Center on the Demography of Aging and the Population Studies Center, Amy Pienta, on "What Happens to Research Data at the End of a Project?"

Another great event is the Flea Market, on Saturday (9AM-4PM) and Sunday (noon-4PM), March 29-30.  This is one of the not-to-be-missed events of the spring!  If you love auctions or estate sales, this is your event. 

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  1. Loved see this feature I took dace lessons here when i was about 12 years old! Laura