Monday, April 3, 2017

The Session Room

Cheers to you!
Alert!  There's a new awesome place to hang out in Ann Arbor:  The Session Room.  I have been driving past an old machine shop building on Jackson Road (by the car dealerships) for many years.  Last summer, we noticed that someone had started working on the building-- and when we heard that there was going to be a beer garden, we happily waited for it to open.

Usually I visit a site several times before posting about it-- and this time, I can say I REALLY did due diligence.  We have been there with friends, by ourselves, on a girls' night out, and even with our 2-year-old grandson.  Each visit, we have had an excellent time.  The service is very friendly and knowledgeable, there are 70 rotating taps of beer, and a small but acceptable wine menu.  I especially like that you can get the beer in 4oz, 8 oz and pint sizes-- and even the wine comes in 5oz or 8oz pours.

6000 square feet of friendliness

The food is much higher quality than normal bar fare-- they source much of it locally, as you can see from the blurb on the bottom of the menu.

We have tried many things off of the menu, but now we head to The Session Room when we feel like a pizza, and don't want to make it at home.  The Caesar salad is also excellent and the menu seems to be wide ranging enough for all preferences.  Note the purposeful lack of a fryer in the kitchen, so in a real change-up from most bar menus, nothing is deep-fried.

Yes.  70 taps.  My new favorites are New England IPAs.  Unfiltered and not as hoppy as a regular IPA.  

Excellent beer garden area, with room to roam for the kids
Come early on weekends-- the word is out.
Closed Mondays
Tues-Thurs:  11AM-11PM
Fri-Sat:  11AM-Midnight
Sun:  Noon-10PM