Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring walk: 3.7 miles

Last Sunday we had a nice walk along a new route.  We are trying to walk between 3 and 4 miles a day, and are always on the lookout for new things to see!  We usually get to the river at some point, although it's also fun to walk in our very diverse city neighborhoods.  The beauty of walking outside, is that even a couple of days can make a big difference in what you see, especially in spring and fall.

Barton dam:  wide open

Learn more about Barton Dam here

Lonely bench in Bird Park
Start in Skyline High School parking lot (be sure school is not in session).   
Take the walking path in back of the high school into the subdivision behind it.      (Oak Hills to English Oak --when English Oak turns, follow the footpath out to Newport.)  

Cross Newport into the next sub-- take Warrington to  Huron River Drive.  

Cross Huron River Drive and the railroad tracks and follow the path to the right (along Barton Pond).

After enjoying Barton dam, follow the river path (on the pond side of the dam) to the parking lot.

Take Bird Road to the entrance to Bird Park-- (there are maps posted so you can decide which paths you want to follow in the park.)

Exit the park at Up/Down or Down/Up Circle, and cross Newport Road onto Riverwood Drive.  Turn left on Timberwood Trail, and follow the path back to Skyline parking lot.  Enjoy your walk!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Signs of spring in Ann Arbor

White narcissus
Great baby French radishes

Farmer's Market has some great spring items, and I have decided to focus on the signs of spring, instead of the snow showers outside my window!

Last week, we decided to brave the weather and try to stick to our commitment to walk at least 3 miles a day.  We checked the radar before we left, and it looked like all the weather was north or south of us, so we decided to GO FOR IT!  

We parked at Bandemere Park, and started walking along the river, toward Ann Arbor.  We were at least a mile from the car, when the rain really set in!  I immediately thought of the quote "there is no bad weather... only inappropriate clothing."  And I was the poster child of this quote, with a down jacket, jeans, wool mitts and boiled wool shoes!  (After tearing through the sheets of rain, I think I was carrying an extra 20 pounds of water weight.) We used the Northside Grill as our refuge, (and had a great BLT)!  
We started walking back to the car after the worst was over, and then ended up sheltering under the eaves of the Rowing Club buildings until the lightening and the next downpour was over-- and finally got back to the car.  When we got home, everything went into the laundry, and we fired up the Netflix movie that came in the mail.  It's great being Retired in Ann Arbor!

Happy April--

Rowers, returning their boat to the garage.
Brave early blooms.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrity lectures at the Michigan League

In 1953, an alumnae group was founded at the University of Michigan, with the purpose of supporting and promoting closer fellowship among alumni, students and friends.  We are fortunate that The Margaret Waterman Alumnae Group, has chosen a venue of four celebrity speakers a year, for the purpose of scholarship funding for U of M students.

On Tuesday, May 13, we will have the opportunity to hear Clint van Zandt, a former FBI supervisor in the Behavioral Science Unit, woking in hostage negotiating and major crime.

These events run from 11:30 to 1:30 in the Michigan League Ballroom, and include lunch.  For more information, please call 734-426-1577.