Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Argus Farm Stop

Do you ever have those days when you wish it was Wednesday or Saturday because you need something from Farmer's Market?
Or do you think about going to Farmer's Market, but you don't want to fight the traffic or look for a parking spot?

Then there's a brilliant new shop in Ann Arbor that has been opened just for us.   I recently stopped into Argus Farm Stop, and was greeted by the friendly owners, who made me a cup of delicious hot cider and invited me to look around the shop.

You can find local and beautiful fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and baked goods.
Argus is a direct-to-customer market for local food providers, where 80% of the price that you pay goes directly back to the farmer, which is much higher than a grocery store.  
Read more about their charter at Argus Farm Stop.  You can find them at 325 W. Liberty, a couple of blocks from Main Street.  Open 7-7 weekdays, and 8-6 on weekends.  See you there!

I decided to take advantage of the sunshine, so sat at one of their picnic table with my paper, and enjoyed the day-- and being retired in Ann Arbor.

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