Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Polar vortex!

So what do we do when the temperature is hovering around zero, and we're not scheduled to escape to Arizona for another month?

Sleeping garden
Happy hour in front of the fire
Happy hour special drink:  Pineapple jalapeño
from Wolfmoon mixers and Bombay Sapphire gin
with lots of fresh pineapple
Laying out next summer's garden at www.growveg.com, and ordering our first seeds

 What is your strategy?
Happy birds

Maybe we'll see you at the Folk Festival or Science cafe?
Comfort food!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Around town

Maybe you noticed, Retired in Ann Arbor has taken a break from posting online.  But we have not taken a break from enjoying Ann Arbor!

I collected some stats from the last 90 days (from Quicken and my calendar), and here is where we have been:

First of all, groceries-- We love to cook and bake, and now make almost everything from scratch, so we spent a lot of time and money in Plum Market, Busch's in Dexter, Sparrow Market, Meijer and Hiller's, as well as Farmer's Market, Monahan's and Biercamp.

One benefit to being retired is that we are not pressed for time, and we can grocery shop like the European's do it-- one specialty store at a time.

We had many Friday night dinners at Knights, Saturday lunches at Northside Grill and Star Cafe, and met friends at Cafe Zola, Ashleys, Weber's, The Last Word, Jolly Pumpkin, Red Rock (in Ypsi), and Vinology.

For entertainment, we went to a Science Cafe at Conor O'Neils, went to Hill Auditorium for The Messiah,  Brandenburg Concertos, and the UofM Men's Glee Club.  We saw Mr. B at The Ark, and I also attended several excellent classes through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

We stocked our bar at the Wine Seller, A and L Wine Castle, Everyday Wines, and Plum Market.  We went Christmas shopping at Downtown Home and Garden, Great Lakes Chocolate, Zingerman's, The M Den, Elephant Ears, Cherry Republic, Nicola's, and Hollander's.

Our snow was plowed by Last Minute Lawn, and we got our Christmas tree from Urquart's Tree farm, the only spot with German-looking (untrimmed) trees.

We truly believe in shopping and living "local"-- it's more fun, and keeps the money in our community.
A nice walk in the Christmas tree fields--BEFORE snow

Altogether, we had a wonderful holiday season, and hope you did too!

And what's on tap for tonight?  A fire in the fireplace and a Netflix movie, after we happy hour with some friends at The Quarter.  Cheers!

PS:  We also spent some time in Italy.  See pictures of our walk in Chianti, Tuscany HERE.