Saturday, February 25, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Ace Barnes Hardware

Sometimes we don't think about hardware stores as great shopping and gift-buying destinations.

But through the years, we have discovered that hardware stores can be great places to look for souvenirs while traveling internationally, because you can often buy the kitchen supplies that are unique to that country.

We have several locations around town that would be a wonderful find for a foreign visitor, as well as us!  One of my favorite hardware store destinations is Ace Barnes hardware on Stadium.

They have the best collection of gadgets, as well as very complete selections of some of my favorite imported brands, such as Le Creuset and Bodum.

They also sharpen knives, which is one of the to-do items on my list.
When I saw the cookie cutter display, I started thinking of the cool spring cookies I could make:  flowers and dragonflies?  Yes!
If you're looking for a little peek of spring, check out their display of outdoor patio supplies.......
and dream--
(while you're shoveling your sidewalk).

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