Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Babo Market

Eating area 
I had a long and lovely dinner with one of my girlfriends the other night, and after we wandered out (of Cafe Zola, of course), we decided to walk down to the corner of Washington and Division, and pay our first visit to the new Babo Market.  We arrived right before they closed at 10PM, so the staff was busy settling the place down for the night-- but they were still very happy to welcome us.

It is a wonderful space, and they have a nice selection of very nice quality food-- and a coffee bar.  Perfect!

What a great addition to a blank spot on that street's canvas!  It will be a perfect place to stop and pick up a few things for dinner-- including fresh meat, produce and prepared food--  my favorite!  A European shopping experience.

Front window-- reminded me of Paris!
Check out their Facebook page here!
Huge windows--


  1. Where does one park?

  2. The closest ramp is Liberty Park-- http://www.a2dda.org/downloads/Parking/LibertySquareStructure.pdf
    although I have also parked on the street and the Maynard Ramp.
    Have fun! Regards, Wendy