Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Why do we live here?

Ann Arbor frequently scores near the top on "best of" polls, and recently, we scored #6 on one of the best polls I have seen to date:  15 best small cities for successful aging, published by
What makes this poll potentially more interesting that the rest?  The Milken Institute looked at 259 small U.S. metropolitan regions, and ranked each one on 78 individual indicators based on publicly available data, not surveys of households or individuals.  This means the conclusion is based on measurable facts, rather than opinion.
If you would like to read the entire report, download the PDF here.

Thanks to Frank Moore from Vintage Financial (our favorite money guy!) for sending me this link.  If Bernie Madoff has made you squeamish about financial planners, be sure and read Frank's advice on "Avoiding the Madoff's of the World", as well as his excellent advice on planning to succeed.  (It works!)

Also, thanks to the brand new U of M School of Art and Design brochure that showed up in our mailbox yesterday, because it reminded me of the other impressive awards that Ann Arbor has recently won.

#1 in Top 10 College Towns (Forbes 2010)
#1 in Educational Attainment in Communities with 100,000+ Residences (Business Journals "On numbers" 2011)
#1 in Best College Sports Town (Forbes 2010)
#2 in 75 Best College Towns and Cities (American Institute for Economic Research 2010)
#2 in Most E-Literate Cities in America ( 2012)
#2 in 10 Great Cities for Raising Families (Kiplinger 2010)
#2 in Most Educated Cities in US (American Community Survey 2010)
#3 in Best Places for Recent College Grads (Forbes 2010)
#4 in Most Creative Cities (The Daily Beast 2012)
Where's our #1 farmer's
market award?!?
#4 in Most Well-Read Cities in America ( 2011)
#4 in 25 Smartest College Towns in US (Daily Beast 2011)
#5 in Happiest Cities in America (The Daily Beast 2012)
#6 in Top Digital Cities (Center for Digital Government 2010)
#6 in midsize cities Top Art Destinations (American Style Magazine 2011)
#7 in Best Cities in America to Find a Job (US News 2012)
#10 in Greatest Main Street in America ( 2012)

We know why we love to live here, but here are many reasons why anyone might like it here--

One more thing:  if you happen to be at happy hour at The Quarter Bistro tomorrow (August 30), look around.  You might see some other friends of Retired in Ann Arbor!  Thanks for reading!!

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