Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Shopping for weird at the Property Disposition Office

So you may have noticed that I have been out of town for the last couple of weeks, and haven't been blogging about new Ann Arbor adventures.  One of the best parts of being retired, is being able to travel without one eye on our annual vacation allotment-- or scheduling around school vacations.  Perfect!

And of course, it helps to live in the awesome location of Ann Arbor, where all the amenities are available for a much lower cost of living than most of the other top retirement destinations, leaving money available for vacation.

I guess *Bruno* here had something to do with football practice.
Fortunately, he and his brethren are sold
But now we're back, and being out of the area, means that the items in the consignment and recycling shops have turned over-- so we decided to check both of our favorites.

I guess I lost the coin toss, so we decided to go to HIS favorite first:  the university's Property Disposition Office.

I have to admit that this merchandise doesn't usually speak to me, (used MRI machines....REALLY?) I thought I would get creative with ideas on what we saw.....

Stay tuned tomorrow for MY favorite consignment shop:  Treasure Mart.

Missing your old office chair?  I'll bet you can find one
from all the eras you worked.
Ditto on the desks-- this one might actually be cute for
a small space
Centrifuge-- any ideas on a good household use for one of these?

Random cable and wire-- next time Comcast is out, ask
if you get a discount if you provide your own cable.  :)

Lots of banquet glasses and dishes-- these red wines
weren't too bad, and they were priced at 16 for $10.
Need 112 of them?  DONE. 

General Orthopaedics and romance novels--
bet you don't have this on your Kindle!

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