Monday, February 27, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Matthaei Botanical Gardens

 Happy 50th birthday Matthaei Botanical Gardens!  We decided to visit the conservatory to see the photos of the original construction, and to enjoy the spring blooms.

 Be sure and check out the gift shop-- there are great spring flowers available for purchase for around $5, and some of my favorite children's gifts that encourage outside play and learning.  Who can resist butterfly nets and bug cages?

Century plant

This is a huge century plant-- which can be found in the arid house.  It is now 70 years old, and according to their website, we're still waiting for the first bloom.

(wow......70 years old and still a baby......I like it!)

It was a serene setting, with guitar and flute music floating through the air--

Free admission, but there is a charge to park unless you become a Friend, which we highly recommend.

Looking for an excuse to spend more time here?  Check out the many volunteer opportunities.

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