Monday, June 10, 2013

Weber's happy hour at Habitat

I've just discovered a new favorite destination for Happy Hour at the Habitat bar in Weber's.

I took at Memoir Writing class from Osher Lifelong Learning (OLLI) this spring, and after the class was over, the members decided that we enjoyed each other's company so much, that we would continue meeting over the summer for a monthly happy hour.

Our first meeting at Weber's was suggested by one of our oyster-loving members, and endorsed as the best oyster happy hour in Ann Arbor-- so we were in!  I'm not a huge oyster fan, but I love shrimp and calamari, and was very happy with both.

If you love oysters and seafood, Monday is your day-- for burgers, check out Wednesday, but there are good specials all week long, and there are also free snacks available if you don't choose to order from the menu.

So here's the question:  Was I the only Ann-Arborite who didn't know about this wonderful venue!?   Where else can you join such a throng of happiness on Monday afternoon?

Way to go Webers!!

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