Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer in Ann Arbor!

It seems that every year someone asks me, "how can you retire in Ann Arbor where the winters are so cold?"  After explaining that I am a Michigan native, so I love snow and cold weather, I then admit that my enjoyment runs out of gas somewhere at the end of January, and we leave.  (One of the beauties of retirement.)

And now we're back, the garden is in, and I am overwhelmed with all the things to do in this great town that we call home.  Of course, Michigan is one of the most beautiful spots to be during this time of the year-- and I am inspired by the beautiful gardens in the Arb, the wildflowers that are showing up on the walk along Argo Pond, and my own back yard!

Our calendar is filling up with all the "can not miss" summer activities, such as German Park, Top of the Park, the Art Fair, Wednesday's Farmer's Market and Sonic Lunch-- and it's time to start re-acquainting ourselves with the fantastic happy hour venues in Ann Arbor as well.

I'll be posting the fun things we do this summer-- and I hope you join in.  If you think I'm missing something, please let me know--  maybe we can post together!

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