Thursday, May 2, 2013

Satchel's BBQ

Smokers on Washtenaw, overlooking Whole Foods
We recently found ourselves on Washtenaw at lunch time, and decided to try Satchel's,  a BBQ restaurant that came highly recommended.  Now I have to admit that we are BBQ snobs-- and once went to Memphis claiming it was for the music, but it really was all about the ribs....

Cozy dining area
BBQ served correctly:  with dry rub, and your choice of sauce on the side
We also have a home smoker, and tend to haul it out for family dinners.  We have been known to smoke whitefish,  chicken wings and several forms of pork in the same day.  That said, we were really hungry, and the smokers smelled very good, so we decided to give it a go.

Bottom line:  The food was very good, and we will be back!  The sandwiches are very reasonably priced-- this is a great alternative to fast food chains.

Open every day from 11AM to 9 PM
Smoked chicken sandwich with a side of potato salad:  $6

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  1. To Retired In Ann Arbor:
    Thank you for your nice post about Satchel's - as well as for the pix, we we have pinned. So glad you enjoyed your visit! Warm regards, Mrs. Satchel's (Hugh's Wife)