Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another beautiful day in Ann Arbor....

And we need to value each and every one, since we know what is coming!!  
I had a nice talk with the kitchen manager of Hollander's kitchen shop this afternoon, in preparation for my cooking class on Sunday at 1PM.  The space is very nice, and they often offer 2 classes a week-- from around $10-$16 a session.  They last about an hour, and you get to eat what the cook is preparing.  It's especially fun to attend with a friend--
Hollander's beautiful kitchen shop

The topic this time is family-style soup, so it won't take much prep or stress on my part.  My goal is to have everyone leave there with the idea that they could make a big batch of soup once a week, and feed themselves and their family with delicious, healthy, homemade, and appealing cold weather food, for pennies a day!!

OK, maybe I got a little carried away there-- depending on what you make, but I'm betting that a bowl of homemade soup could cost the same or less than that carryout pizza, and think about how much better it is for you--   I'll figure out what a bowl of each of these soups cost to make by Sunday, because now I'm curious.

Are you?  Join us-- there is still room.

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  1. Good luck with the cooking class, sorry I can't attend. Love Northside grill it would be a great place to meet for breakfast. Laura - Cottage and Broome