Monday, October 31, 2011

Homecoming weekend

The home team won, and I ended up staying out of gridlocked traffic and away from the stadium:  perfect!  For those who wonder, I'm not negative about football Saturdays, I just decided long ago to let the people who like football have those 109,901 seats, and not disappoint anyone by taking theirs.  (I'm already thinking about spring training, if you're interested in my sports preference.)

So-- we started the day at one of our favorite breakfast/lunch places, the Northside grill.  I had my usual BLT and added a cup of hot apple cider.  Perfect!  I got one section of the paper read while waiting for a table, but we had waited long enough that most of the people were in the stadium by then.  The staff was its usual cheerful self, and the restaurant was decked out for Halloween!  Nice job, Dave--

New mill race with 'white water' feature

We made a little stop at Argo Park to look at the river and check out the progress of the new mill race.  It looks great-- we may have to try it out in a canoe next spring.
Fairview Cemetery Civil War marker

Huron River

The river was beautiful, as usual, so we drove along Longshore drive to keep it within our view.  Then we stopped at Fairview cemetery to see how much history we could discover.  We looked at a large monument commemorating soldiers, and I guessed that it was from WWI, because it only referred to 'The War', but then we read the other side of the marker and it was commemorating the solders who fought for the Union!  We had found a Civil War monument.  I have relatives that were in the Ann Arbor area in the 1800's-- maybe I'll start looking for them.

Another beautiful day!  We had a real treat in meeting family at the Common Grill in Chelsea, and celebrating a birthday!  Follow the link for pictures, if you want to get very hungry.  The birthday girl wants to thank everyone for a lovely time--  :)

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