Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 2 at Hollander's School of Book and Paper Arts

I had a very happy day in class today-- made a new friend and one collage that I'm happy with (and another that needs to be cut up again-- and reassembled).  I'm not sure where these disturbing images come from, but it's all there somewhere in my psyche, I'm sure!  Don't ask my kids about it.... I'd be afraid to hear what they had to say...

It's also so neat to spend the day in Kerrytown.  Sweetwaters coffee bar is in the same building, so I started the day with a double latte, extra shot-- to get going.  Then I had an excellent cup of chowder from Monahan's for lunch, and took a break in Found gallery where I bought a few cool antique pictures that I will turn into something completely scary in my next collage--
Sparrow market in Kerrytown
Found Gallery
Then while visiting my car to feed the meter, I had to walk through Wednesday's Farmer's Market, and ended up with 2 homemade pasties ($5 each) and a large bunch of broccoli ($3)-- so dinner is taken care of!  (And it looks like the diet is postponed for another day too.)

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  1. Wendy, great collage it was one of my favorites in the class! It is good to be retired and living in Ann Arbor, one of my favorite towns always something exciting to do. Laura Cottage and Broome