Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20

Another chilly rainy fall day--
Yesterday we had to pick up new specs, so headed to SEE to pick up the totally cool glasses we had ordered.  If you wish you had a better look, check out this store!  They are very helpful, and people often ask us where we get our glasses--
Then we shared an umbrella to walk a couple of storefronts down to Ashley's for a beer, and to try out our new look!  This is a classic college bar, so happy hour (3-6PM) is a great time to go-- we love the HUGE selection of beer taps, and with the Beatles on the jukebox, and a shared order of nachos, we had a nice time.
Window shopped through Nichol's Arcade on the way back to the parking ramp-- I was drawn to Comet Coffee and Van Boven shoes, but we had spent enough money today, so I'll save those for another day!

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