Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soup and milkweed (?)

Just got back from teaching the class on soup at one of my favorite stores in Ann Arbor:  Hollander's kitchen store. We tasted 2 kinds of chili, chicken noodle and split pea with bacon all in an hour-- wow.  Speed tasting!

The store is a fantastic environment, with the best owners and staff-- and everything you could ever want to create your ideal kitchen.  I particularly love their current supply of Ekelund table linens.  The table runners and place mats are "wash and wear"-- no ironing required!

Thanks to the great people who attended, I have several new ideas to try-- and a new website to follow:  soup chick.  (7 soup recipes every Saturday).  Thanks everyone!

Yesterday afternoon I went to the grocery store, and on the way back, I saw the most beautiful sight. Last summer I heard that Monarch butterflies were having a hard time laying eggs, because the only plant they like is milkweed. There are fewer and fewer of these plants, due to mowing ditches, etc.  So I have started looking for them in the ditches around our house, and am happy when I see clusters of them.

Yesterday they were releasing their seeds to the wind, and they looked like spun silver.  So, of course, I pulled my car as far off the road as I could, climbed into the ditch, and started taking pictures of them with my phone--  I'm sure everyone driving by was wondering, what is she doing?

One thing I really love about Ann Arbor is how small an area it covers-- you can start in downtown, and be in a field within 3 miles in just about any direction.

What a great place to live.
Enjoy your Sunday--

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