Friday, September 28, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Huron River flora/fauna walk

The other day we spent some time in the lovely park by the Argo canoe livery and Argo dam.  This park is often bustling with canoe rental customers, but since it is after Labor Day, the rental facility is only open on weekends--and we had the park to ourselves.

Bright red berries that I'm guessing are poisonous--
nice fungus
You can get to the parking area from Longshore Drive, and if you're there around breakfast or lunch time, stop at the nearby Northside Grill.  This is one of our favorite breakfast restaurants-- and if you go during the week, you can avoid the wait.  The staff is very friendly and efficient, and the food is good quality American diner food.   We recommend the BLT and the oat pancakes-- as well as the breakfast egg sandwiches if you're really hungry!

Praying mantis-- found on the bridge crossing
the river on Broadway

Elderberries, perhaps?
I'm not sure what any of these berries are-- if anyone knows, please leave a comment!  I have eaten wild raspberries and strawberries because they are easy to identify, but am a total chicken to try anything without an expert identification.

Railroad bridge by the Argo dam 


  1. The berries that you mention are poke weed (top photo). They are really charming, I think. I don't know what the red berries in the next photo are.

  2. Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) is poisonous to humans. The young shoots are eaten in the spring in the South (I grew up with this) - but only after cooking and throwing out the first water.

    Never eat any wild plant without a confirmed identification. Plants produce a lot of toxic substances.