Saturday, July 21, 2012

Retired in Ann Arbor: Art fair

Apologies to the artist for photographing this
 jewelry, but I couldn't resist.  I think it's stunning!
 We're back from our summer hiatus-- and wow-- we sure picked a good time to leave, missing most of the brutally hot weather.

Check out pictures of Berlin street art on my new travel blog:

And how time flies!  The tomatoes are starting in the garden, and it's time for the annual art fair.

I always think one of the requirements of Art Fair week is that it has to be the hottest weather of the summer, but surprise!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and we took full advantage of it by walking the entire fair(s).  I did my usual poor job of forgetting sunscreen-- so I do have sunglass goggles-- but it was a small price to pay for such a lovely time.

Mozart string quartet and a shoe sale.
What could be better?

Perhaps I'm getting jaded from attending the fair so many years, but this year we ambled through the sidewalk sales as well as the art exhibits, and came home without any new possessions.

We agreed that we already owned everything we wanted and needed.

The quad, puffy clouds, and art tents in the distance--
and it wasn't even crowded at 11 AM

The stage is set with the beautiful surrounding buildings 

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