Friday, October 7, 2016

The Produce Station

 Usually this time of year, I shy away from places selling plants, because they start looking so sad.  The Produce Station, however, seems to look beautiful during spring, summer and fall.

They also have a fantastic selection of hens and chicks, and sedum.

I have a rock garden that I am trying to fill in, but I also love keeping sedum in the house during the winter, because they don't seem to suffer with the lack of humidity, like most indoor plants do in the winter.

The inside of the store has been updated since my last visit, and it is very attractive.  There is an interesting variety of prepared food, a lovely salad and soup bar-- as well as groceries to "build it yourself".

I have also enjoyed the selection of wine that The Produce Station offers-- and this time, I was delighted to find the full selection of Tandem Cider, from northern Michigan.

Check it out!  And remember to buy local.

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