Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas cheer!

The Christmas events are in full swing, and my Christmas sweaters are in full rotation-- we were joined by some of our kids this weekend for an early Christmas-- which included some great events!
We kicked off the festivities by going to Jolly Pumpkin Friday night for a pint and dinner-- we lucked out and got the best table in the house, and had a great time.  If you like pubs but suffer from pub food fatigue, you need to check out their menu-- it always is interesting and great.

On Saturday we had a great Ann Arbor afternoon.  While waiting for an eye appointment at See, we headed out to do a little shopping in Nickel's Arcade.  First, we were drawn into Parrish Fine Framing and Art, by a great old map of Michigan in the window.

We are blessed to have such interesting geography, that a framed map makes great wall art, as well as a valuable collectable.  Check out the maps from before 1850-- you might see a mountain range up the west coast of the state(!) or some phantom islands in Lake Superior, and you'll be amazed by the selection in this small shop.  
Also, if you get something for Christmas that warrants framing, this shop does an excellent job.  I like their motto:  "Frame what you love, love what you frame".

We made a stop in Comet Coffee, and then  were drawn outside by a small group of musicians playing Christmas carols on antique brass instruments.  And of course, because we are in Ann Arbor, they weren't just any run-of-the-mill musicians; we had happened upon a free concert by The Dodworth Saxhorn Band--a professional group that looks and sounds like it stepped out of 19th century.  We enjoyed their Christmas carols, with the snow flakes floating down, and good cheer in the air.

If you would like to see them in person, follow this link to see when they are performing at Greenfield Village during this holiday season.

We were getting a little chilly, so we headed back into the shops in the Arcade--  this time, checking out a new women's shop called Wendy.  (Coincidence that we share a name?  I choose to think it's a sign that there are many items from here that belong in my closet.....)  Check out this Ann  review.  I love to see a store in Ann Arbor that has beautifully tailored clothes for the professional woman (and well-dressed retirees!), and does not presume that you wear 2 inch zippers or lots of bare skin.  If you love well-executed tailoring and details, along with beautiful fabrics, this store is for you!

French cuffs
Great necklace
One more stop at Maison Edwards Tobacconist, before we head home.  Even if you don't know anyone who smokes anymore, this is definitely worth a stop to check out their shaving gear and soak up some great atmosphere.  Check out the reviews from the above link if you need more reasons to visit.

Thanks to Chuck for inviting me up to the balcony for this great view of the shop!

So many shops, so little time!!
I know we're getting close to the end of the holiday shopping season, and there are still so many great local shops I have yet to cover.  If you have any specific requests, be sure and let me know at  I'll try and squeeze them all in!
Regards, Wendy

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