Friday, December 23, 2011

Retired in Ann Arbor: Nicola's, our local bookstore

Do you hate to see the Border's stores sitting silent and dark?  Remember how cool the store was when it opened in the old Jacobson space?

You have the opportunity to love your local bookstore again!  Our favorite for many years has been Nicola's Books. 

If you've never been in the store, it's time to go!  You will be surprised at how big it is inside.

My favorite things about Nicola's:

  • really knowledgable (and nice) staff 
  • excellent magazine section
  • kids, cooking and travel sections
  • great selection of books on Ann Arbor and Michigan 
And yes, I have an e-reader and use the internet for everything, but I think there is also a place for physical books in my life-- so if you agree, visit Nicola's, and support our local bookstore.